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Welcome to ADventurist Podcast Network, where new voices thrive and diverse stories take center stage. Our network is a platform dedicated to elevating unique perspectives and inspiring audiences from all walks of life.

With a mission to broaden horizons, we kickstart our journey with three remarkable shows. Join Amanda Darley and Dallion Durán-Ballén on 'Your Brand Story' as they unravel the power of storytelling in marketing, igniting the spark of inspiration in each episode.


Tune in to 'Trending,' hosted by lifelong friends Dallion Durán-Ballén and Tinsley Crisp, where they delve into the ever-evolving realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends, providing fresh insights and engaging discussions.

For our Spanish-speaking audience, Fiorella Ordóñez presents 'Como Ser Independiente,' a captivating podcast sharing practical advice and life improvement tips, empowering Latin American listeners to embrace independence and master effective communication skills.

We're proud to feature renowned hosts like Amanda, Dallion, Tinsley, and Fiorella, who are just the beginning. ADventurist Podcast Network will continue to expand. 


Stay tuned as we build out a podcasting space that amplifies new voices and creates a lasting impact.


Trending with Dallion and Tinsley

Como Ser Independiente


Your Branding Story 

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